The purchase of loan offers a credible solution to over-indebted households, especially to workers, who, faced with modest incomes, have had excessive recourse to loans. Focus on an effective system of budget rebalancing.

Principle of the consolidation of loan

Principle of the consolidation of loan

This is to put in place a loan that will buy all or part of the debt contracted. The latter allows, in exchange for an extension of the repayment period, to reduce the weight of the monthly payments.

It consolidations all types of loans and presents repayment methods adapted to the financial capacity of the subscriber.

Workers, an exposed population

Workers, an exposed population

In 2014, the average net monthly salary of a worker in France was € 1,680. To cope with its equipment needs, this population frequently uses loan. Unfortunately, when the latter is poorly controlled, the accumulation of deadlines becomes unbearable for the households concerned.

Loan consolidation: offers for a worker

The worker borrower can then ask his banker to study a consolidation of his current loans. This solution is not practiced by all banks but our organization is specialized in this area. We are able to make you enjoy attractive rates.

The banking intermediary

The banking intermediary is a professional in connection with many loan organizations. we work through a mandate and we pay a very reasonable percentage of the amount financed.

We most often allow you to find a financing solution and realize substantial savings thanks to its ability to negotiate the most attractive rates and conditions of the moment. We present you several interesting offers negotiated with various loan organizations.

Request the grouping of loans for workers

In terms of loan consolidation, there are two options: the exclusive consolidation of consumer loan or consolidation including a mortgage . It is the share of real estate loans to buy back that defines the framework of the legislative loan to put in place (greater than 60% = law on mortgage lending).